Why it's important to use a professional for real estate photography

Why it\'s important to use a professional for real estate photography
There is a lot to talk about when it comes to real estate photography and it is impossible to cover everything on the subject in a few lines. The current situation in the real estate market is such that if a real estate property is to be sold in the shortest possible time at the best price and in the conditions of great competition, it should be presented in such a way that it stands out from all the others. If we capture it with the phone's camera, we will hardly achieve such an effect. Therefore, when looking for a good result from advertising a property, we must have taken care that it is photographed in the best possible way, because the photo is one of the most important elements of a listing that is guaranteed to attract the attention of buyers.
When it comes to property photography, there are a few key things to consider if you want to get the best possible result.
In order to take good property photography, it is necessary to have at least the minimum set of equipment - a good DSLR camera, a bright wide-angle lens with a low f-number (f/1.8 or f/2.8) equipped with the necessary filters and last but not least - a good a tripod, without which we cannot achieve sufficient sharpness in the photo. In other words, without a tripod, the camera moves and the picture gets blurry. We will achieve an even greater effect if we use a remote camera.
Of course, the quality of the photo depends on many more factors - correct camera settings and shooting technique - white balance, speed, choice of f-stop, focus. If we have the skills to work with light, we will achieve a good exposure of the photo. The correct white balance is crucial for achieving normal and more realistic colors in photography. We should always stick to the lowest possible ISO (100) and f/8 - f/11, so the photos will be clearer.
Shooting in RAW format is crucial because once a shot is captured, RAW photography allows for more post-processing options. Digital photography is not just about taking pictures. By processing with software programs, amazing image results can be achieved, but sometimes the capabilities of the programs are often misused. One of the mistakes regularly made is over-editing - that is, over-increasing the colors, saturation and sharpness of the photograph, making it unrealistic. We should always strive for a more natural look, close to reality.
The composition of the shot is one of the things that will turn a photo into a truly captivating photograph. Everything matters - the way in which we have placed an object in the frame, taking into account its diagonals, the choice of the viewing point, the angle and height of the tripod from which we will shoot. A wide-angle lens will help us capture the entire room better, which will provide a clearer idea of its dimensions.
Take enough photos to be able to choose the most successful ones. The subject should be photographed from as many points of view as possible. You might be surprised what shots come out of non-standard positions. It is good to photograph all the premises. If the listing is missing photos of any of the bedrooms, you should be sure that the customer will ask for more photos.
Emphasize elements of the property that will help the sale.
Before we start shooting a subject, we need to study it well and prepare it for shooting.
Preliminary survey of the site (its exposure and orientation to the four geographical directions) will help us determine when is the best time of day to photograph the property. Light is a photographer's best friend, so sunny days are preferred for property photography. Certainly, if the light is directly on the facade, the photograph will be bright and saturated with colors. The same applies to the premises of the property, if the sun's rays enter them, the rooms will be bright and welcoming. There is a very subtle moment when we are photographing a room and the light from the windows is against us - in such situations real skill is required to get a good shot. If the light is too much, we risk getting "burnt areas" that are not subject to further processing.
In such a case, the experienced photographer will take a series of photos and combine them to get HDR (high dynamic range) photography.
Site preparation requires not only arranging the property, but also removing all unnecessary items to simplify the scene. The less unnecessary things there are in the room, the more spacious it will look.
Drone photography of the property is another must-have when it comes to presenting it professionally. Through panoramic photos, we will give customers a better idea not only of the property, but also of the area in which it is located.


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