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On this page you will find information about the "general terms and conditions of use" of the "site" ( and the ways in which: its content is accessed, as its "User"; the services provided through it (including through its mobile version) are used; your personal data is collected, processed and stored in accordance with the GDPR; as well as the "Cookie policy".

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All "materials" (including but not limited to logos, photos, videos, graphics, texts and descriptions) published on the "site" are the property of our company (Zelanos Realty Solutions EOOD) or our partners. Pursuant to the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act (CNRA), any work is subject to copyright: including photographic works and works created in a manner analogous to photographic works - Art. 3 (1) item 7; as well as translations and adaptations and they belong to the person who made them, Art. 9, therefore they are protected under the CNRA of the Republic of Bulgaria. Any "unlawful use of materials" from the "site", by third parties, will be considered a violation of the "General Terms and Conditions of Use", and will be subject to legal action by the respective copyright holder.

When using “materials” (texts, photos, or other information) from the “website” in order to be published elsewhere for informational purposes, it is necessary to clearly indicate the author and source with a link to the relevant page of the site ”on which this information was originally published (CC BY License).

Any use of "materials" in the following cases is considered "unlawful use of materials from the site": for commercial purposes without requesting written permission from our company: for informational purposes, when the requirement to indicate the author is not met and the source with a link to the corresponding page from the "site" (CC BY license).

All information (including texts and descriptions of real estate listings, texts of articles, etc.) published on the “website” is for informational purposes only. As errors may have been made, incorrect information provided by owners of “objects” (real estate), in connection with descriptions and characteristics, etc., there may be inaccurate information for which we are not responsible.

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